Life ~ Death ~Rebith

Death is a time of great transformation. When the Spirit leaves the body a new way of being is established and with it, the chance to create a new relationship. Through contemplation, conversation, and celebration our loved ones live on and are embraced on a soul level. 

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Winged Messengers

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Stages of Grief


Healing Ceremonies

 Birds move freely and effortlessly between the physical and invisible world. Their ability to travel this liminal space makes them ideally suited to deliver messages from beyond. A Winged Messenger reading is an opportunity to connect with your loved one and receive their guidance through the Spirit of the bird chosen as your guide.

Individual or group healing session designed to assist with recognizing, understanding, and working with the grieving process as a way to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual traumas caused by the separation caused by death.

Rituals and ceremonies that honor the life of the departed designed to celebrate their time on Earth. During this time a new relationship is created that extends beyond our physical world. 

Compassioniate spiritual care in times of transition

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