Celebrations of Transformation

The loss of a loved one to  the physical world can be a time of deep sorrow. It can also be a time to share great joy and embrace the celebration of the life that was lived and the Spirit that lives on in our remembrances.

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Furry Friends

 Service of Remembrance  Outdoor setting


Graveside ceremonies 

performed  with  the  assistance of cemetery and/or funeral home staff.

Memorial and funeral services 

 in any  outdoor  setting  that all   gatherings.

Scattering   of   ashes   following

state    and   local   guidelines.

Service of Remembrance

Indoor setting


Where ever you are most comfortable is a welcome setting to provide a memorial service . 

Most funeral homes allow for guest officiants to perform memorials working in conjunction with their staff to provide  family/friends with the most amenable experience.

Service of remembrancPets

Home and outdoor settings

Pets are our companions,

bringing joy to our lives.

A friend to share comfort,

right by your side.

The rainbow bridge guides them,

to places unknown;

until the day comes...

when they welcome us home

Compassioniate spiritual care in times of transition

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